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By Kasanya Chavula

In the recent past the issue of alcohol has become an issue and more so among the women folk. In some papers and tabloid they have gone as far as saying women are now consuming more alcohol than men and this is a major cause for concern but who should it be a major cause for concern when it happens to be the women folk?

Societal norms have for many a millennia given the male folk a pass on many issue that are a cause of concern and given the heavy load on the shoulders of the women. Now it must be emphasized that I am not endorsing the male folk neither am I endorsing the feminist movement of drinking as a way of showing equality. What however will be discussed is the correct way to address the issue of alcohol consumption and lay out a right path that society should adopt.

Taking a quote from the Zambia daily mail dated June 23 2019, the southern Africa Alcohol Policy Alliance (SAAPA) – eastern network says that the alcohol consumption and drug abuse by women at kitchen parties and weddings is contributing to high divorce cases and sexually transmitted diseases.

This very statement seems to put all the blame on the women for the divorce cases in the country but simply shifting blame has never solved any problem. It only tends to hide the real problem that is on the ground.

One cannot forget that walk a mile in the streets of Zambia and not see a bar, nightclub, guest houses or lodges that have both sexes in them. Simply putting the blame on one function of similar nature is not the way to go about it. However it must be noted that alcohol consumption has been on the rise among both the male and female folk. This however has even spilled over to the under aged as well, as they have joined in the parade of alcohol abuse.

Then one must ask what the real problem is? Why is alcohol abuse on the rise? What is causing this? Like I have earlier alluded to simply shifting the blame is not the way to go, and yes 9 out of 10 kitchen parties have alcohol present and equally the same with weddings. It have actually become even a norm for the Christian folk to include alcohol in the budget for these events and we justify them by simply stating, I will drink but not get drunk.

They are many factor why alcohol is on the rise in various nations and it is high time nations begin to do a self introspection based on the bible to find out what the real problem is and how to solve them. A rise in divorce can also cause high alcohol intake, abusive spouses can lead the other to take relief in drinking, lack of mature relationship can cause the other to take relief in drinking, or even a high stressful environment not living bad economic government policies that lead the economy struggling can also cause high levels of drinking to the extent it become abusive.

One might, however defend themselves by stating they are not abusive drinkers. The entire piece of the article is not centered on the abuse but on finding an amicable solution so that drinking all together is topped.

The decaying moral standards of society are a benefactor that one has to consider when dealing with the issue of drinking. Let’s face it, the only time one is truly happy is when they are drinking and then reality sinks in the minute the drink is over. Wouldn’t you rather be joyful not just the 2 hours that you are drunk around people? If I were to quote the bible, “the joy of the Lord is my strength” this should be the backbone of all people. One my count themselves as atheist but still, even atheists want joy, peace and comfort.

The holy grail of what defines humanity is not in the amount of bottles of bear on drinks, on in the church one goes to but it is in the fellowship one has with God. If you on earth are a reflection and a representation of ho God is, then you are as equally stating that in heaven God is also drunk. The actions that we as a people taking show the state of who we are, at most people are afraid of being seen by the pastor but feel free to do all the vile thing in the sight of God. One of the major myths that has gripped people is thinking that God only sees us when we are in a church building. That building is a man made structure that God said all people should fellowship together in the presence of God. We also forget the all important factor that we are the temple of God. Thus God is actually dwelling within us and where you go God goes with you.

 If we hold our lives to the maturity that God has so defined us we as a people will take responsibility of the situations that affect not only the people around us but also ourselves. However as it stands we are a people that are immature and thus we have handled ourselves immaturely  when in fact we have the very word of God that supposed to show us how to live maturely.

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