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Infinity World Changer

Infinity World Changer


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By Kalofya Marvin

It was believed that man could not run a mile in 4 minutes until Sir Roger Bannister did it on 6th  may 1954 by breaking the four minute mile, he showed that limits only exist in our minds.

After Sir Roger Bannister, several other people went on to achieve that record including high school students. Remember nothing changed not the distance people ran or better shoes this was a metal problem that people faced it was a psychological barrier that people had come to learn to fear and fail to break not because of any physical in-capacities but because of the mental programming that no had ever broken that record but when Sir Roger Bannister many people got to break that very record, the mental chains were broken and the illusion of restraint was shattered.

As is the current situation in many people’s lives we are been held captivity by our past our families, friends, the government and including the church which is suppose to be a beckon of hope and a pillar if strength and a refuge.

Some people aren’t even discouraged by the family but are held down by the history of the family and the current situation of their family such that some families highest achievement is a government job getting married and then starting a family paying bills helping the family and their siblings and the cycle goes on and on, as a result even proper achievement and success is retarded for some people as a result of their families. This then becomes a routine for the entire family such that even if some family members have the potential to go above and beyond the family routine they call success they fail, because as the younger siblings are exposed to the condition of the elder siblings version of limited achievement they too become mentally chained to only that level of success.

Jesus once said that if you look at a woman lustfully then you have already sinned, what the lord was saying is that thought is the product of all that is tangible, like faith it is the sum of the unseen that through belief and mental programming we find thoughts that are pure, in that we should train ourselves to unchain our minds by so doing we break the physical barriers that we exhibit.

Over the ages the strongest resource man has had is his ability to use his mind to create, invent. And the some mind has been used to also imprison people in fear, disbelief, doubt and chaos and this is because as a people we have failed to harness the mighty that we possess. It is only when we come to the realization that we have everything we need in our mental arsenal can we break free of the chains.

 If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm! The illusion of restraint is not just about thought, it means courage, and some people’s illusion of restraint is as a result of having no confidence in themselves their dreams and goals. You cannot break free of the restraints if you do not have the capacity to endure, fight and stand up for what you believe you shall be a prison for as longer as you don’t take control of yourself.

(To be continued)

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