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Infinity World Changer

Infinity World Changer


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by Kasanya Chavula

This has been a well debated subject and in some instances studies have been created to either defend of disprove the existence of God.  Still after all the years of debate the question and topic on the existence of God still looms not in the shadows as before but in the open spaces. The debate triggered by the inert desire to be found as one that has the infallible knowledge.

If however one is to validity disprove the existence of God then how does one prove they are alive. How do you know you are breathing? What is the essential proof that you are actually human? To disprove the existence of God is to disprove the existence of the man that is standing next to you. The question of whether or not God exists is not a matter of one trying to prove scientifically, because if one was, we do know that science all by itself has failed to set the standard as scientists keep debating and arguing on almost all scientific matters. The question is not on proof because we are born with the proof but the question accepting the proof that we know exists. This question is a matter of belief.

Let’s say God doesn’t exist, that means you who believes God doesn’t have no belief at all but if I who believes say God doesn’t exist that doesn’t stop him from existing. A person in Africa cannot say America doesn’t exist simply because he is not there but however he can’t disprove that when he gets to America it’s not America. Whether or not I choose to believe that America exists it remains unsubstantiated what however remains is that whether or not I try to prove it America is there.

The world as we are in finds pleasure in attacking the central belief of people. Africa has been labelled a dark continent and non-progressive, yet the humanity aspect has never been questioned. If greed is what has made Africa to be where it is today and the developed nations fun the greed of those that are in Africa power then aren’t both the same? Can one of the same house give a gun to a friend and say they never participated in pulling the trigger? In the same way, not I but the bible and God says to says, only a fool believes God doesn’t exist. The structure of God and the norms of God have been set before us and yet we still fight them.

One says they do not believe in God, yet the very law that governs them is based on the bible, “do not kill”. The courts place the bible in people’s hands as the final word of truth, yet the debate even in some cases in court, debate the validity of the bible. Why not rather walk in and say “I stand as valid proof that beyond reasonable doubt I am my own standard of truth”. One may say that even the Quran is used, but let’s not forget that, they to believe in a deity which Atheists say there isn’t.  

So what are we saying here, God is real. It’s not about what you think it’s about what is real and what is real is God is the ultimate source of all knowledge. God exists

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