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By Kasanya Chavula

Identity can be defined as: (1) the fact of being who or what a person or thing is and or (2) a close similarity or affinity. Though these definitions carry much weight, they really do not hit the nail on the head. You dictionary defines identity: The definition of identity is who you are, the way you think about yourself, the way you are viewed by the world and the characteristics that define you. This however gives a more outlined definition.

 Kenneth W. Hagin ONE OF THE MOST important revelations we can get from the Word of God is to understand who we are in Christ. Identifying with Christ will change the way we live and cause us to rise above adversity. Not understanding our identity in Him will keep us living far below our rights and privileges in Christ.

What does it mean to identify with Christ? It’s normal for us to identify with something or someone. It makes us feel connected and gives us a feeling of belonging.

In our everyday lives, we identify with a person, organization, occupation, nationality, or church. We also have an identity in the spirit realm. The scriptures say we have been crucified with Christ (Gal. 2:20). Not only did we die with Him on the cross at Calvary, we also have been raised with Him.

So the question remains does the body, look like the body which is similar to that which is recorded in the word of God? Let us not take away the fact that the bible says do not conform to the systems of this world, but does that mean we altogether shun being around people? The bible clearly states that while the farmer slept, the enemy planted tares. Such that they could not be uprooted right there and then but rather had to wait until the harvest, when the end of the world shall be. In a similar context the church has fallen asleep.

One person may be zealous and doing the work that Jesus commanded us, to make disciples of all nations. That however doesn’t mean the whole body isn’t sick. Taking an illustration of a human body, suppose one of your arms God burnt and then you went to the hospital, would the doctor send you home saying, at least the rest of the body is fine or he would treat the arm as though it were the whole body that were burnt.

As long as only one is in line with what the word of God says it means the rest of the body needs treatment and until that happens the world will begin to dictate what happens even in the church.

These two worlds are in contention with each other, and they both seek to evangelise. Its either the world will enter the church or the church will enter the world we cannot stand in the middle. It’s not long ago that the issue of homosexuals was a thing that could not be mentioned but now it’s at the very door step and even in the church as they are preaching the doctrine of inclusion.

There should be a fine line. Yes they should enter the church and be reformed; however they should not come and reform the church. Jesus ate with the tax collectors and was anointed with a very expensive perfume yet not once do we read that Jesus life was compromised.

The major reason why the church today and for a long time lost its identity it is because they lost their purpose. They chased after the rabbit and not seeking after the one who was able to give the rabbit. When you take care of Gods business he will always take care of your business. The church needs to get back to the place of purpose and the place of vision. It must be noted that without a vision, purpose is lost and that is why we are chasing our tails.

Without vision my people perish that is the word that was set before us yet in all this our treasure is not with the things of God. We have turned a place of refuge, a place of solace into a place that people a scared to come to because we have become the very thing that Jesus spoke against. To paraphrase, you have thrown away God system in preference of the world system as such people have become their own Gods. Idol worship has become the order of the day and all that was not to be has become. One may ask but how have I started worshiping idols, “anything that takes you away from worshiping God to that particular thing. In this case some of the men of God have become gods to the people. The bible clearly states, I am a jealous God. Yes the earth may not open up physically but by so doing the men have shifted from the camp of God to the camp of the devil and he will reward them diligently: for he comes to kill, steal and destroy.

Let us therefore seek righteousness and be the beckon that God needs us to be. Let us follow the integrity of Jesus and walk in faith that God so desires us to walk in. this is the only way that our identity as the church shall be restored.

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