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Infinity World Changer

Infinity World Changer

History Made: The Birth of Cynojine

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By Kasanya Chavula

Time is one endless commodity that carries with it limitless possibilities and ideas. The very fact that the world around us is one of possibilities it’s not far from saying that anyone can attain them hence the people around are always busy at work trying to achieve something more, this is the human nature. The dream of something greater and something bigger than themselves this goes without mentioning one man that had a dream that out lived him.

 At the time when people thought the dream would die because of hardships and the eventual loss of his life the dream went on. This man is no other than Martin Luther King Jr. who made these words famous “I have a dream”. It was from this that was birthed the famous words of Barack Obama, “yes we can” they came rushing like a flood water and gripped the whole world from America to Europe, from Europe to Asia, from Asia to the Middle East, and from the Middle East to Africa. Everyone chanted the famous words, “yes we can”.

Before the rising of the waters and echoing of the words, “yes we can” a young black man stood against the tides of segregation, hatred and racism to rise to the most powerful office in the world and yes, a black man did it. History was made built upon one man’s words “I have a dream that one day the Negro will be judge by the content of their character and not by the colour of their skin”. These words would be symbolic in the civil rights movements and today people all across the world are once again reminded of the power of a dream.

The power of the same dream would be the turning point of another success story. History would be written in the sands of time, this time in Africa. Not for the bad that most African leaders are known for but for the good of Africa and the world at large. A group of young Zambian people decided to come together and do what no one had done before held together by a strong belief and slogan “Build together Grow together”. This would be a dream of one young man, Kazashim Kuzaswat, who had a vision that one day in a little city of Kitwe in Zambia  something could be done that would answer the one question, why not Africa. This young man embarked on a journey that would see him overcome hurdles and obstacles but due to his tenacity and zeal he overcame them to build a social app from scratch and set history in the land of Kitwe after a 3 year journey that came to yield its fruit on the 10thof November 2018 at the Hut in Kitwe where the launch took place.

The launch was graced by the District Commissioner, Honorable Binwell Mpundu and a whole host of the prime of the Kitwe business community. Taking and building on the words of the District Commissioner, “why not support our own”. Truly as a people we need to support this new development.

This is one app that has the built in engine not only to compete with Facebook and Twitter but to become bigger than both of them. With user friendly timeline and messenger Cynojine Social has the qualities that meet the demand of the global community and answering the question of why not Africa. It is not just a question for Africans to answer but it is the question for everyone to answer, why not you?Why resist the change, why fight history when history is on your side? If truly you are a person of growth, a person of progress, a person of transition then why not switch to cynojine and be part of the pioneers and see that this app not only benefits the creators but the end users as well. This app has a builtin token system which allows the end users to accumulate points based on the number of posts on does, these points can later be used to boost a post so that your post reaches more people. The app allows the user to change the colour of the time line to best suite your colour preference and the videos are viewed in high definition but with low bundle consumption. This is not an app that you want to be told about, join it and don’t miss out.This is a time not to bow down and slow down because the world is now waiting to see where you will take them. The very fact that the vision of this was built within means the power of its growth is dependent upon the creator, Kazashim Kuzaswat and the team that he has duly assembled to cross the threshold into uncharted territories that no one has yet faced. To everyone that doubts the validity of this app, if you are a pioneer and a true visionary then this app is what you need but if you are not then do not have it.

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