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Infinity World Changer


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What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to love? Why do people hate or resent? Is humanity a lost cause?

All these and more are valid questions that build the core of our very existence as a people of this planet.

It is amazing at how many billions are spent on exploration of the unknown universe and the deep ocean waters, yet very little has been given to the cause of love. Has love become so fleeting that when one looks at a person they see a fellow human as an object to be used to acquire sexual pleasure?

The curse that has haunted humanity is that of exclusion of love. Humans have failed in all their vast understanding and knowledge failed to define the simple yet complex word, love. Why do people grow fond of one person yet despise another? Why not simply feel the same way for all beings? Why do people feel hurt when cheated on? However people that are stigmatized due to their health conditions do not fall far away from this stigma.

This article, yet again breaks all rules associated with journalistic writing but the truth has to be brought out.

I am a 35 year old male of Kitwe Zambia. I am a born again Christian, and I must add that I am a tongue talking Christian filled with and baptized under the Holy Ghost. I am bible school graduate, however in spite of all this I must say I am HIV positive. My status does not take away from me who I am in God and my purpose in Christ Jesus.

I got discovered my status in 2008 and for a good 11 years now I have come to understand that Just because I am still positive doesn’t mean that God has changed his mind about His will to heal all people who call upon Him. This however is a topic for another day. Today we have to deal with the issue of stigmatization. However to get more on how one can be an over comer you can purchase my book on my store. Greatness Winning the Fight Against all odds

Stigmatization is a pollutant that has so much so grossed the hearts of many people. I for one have not been exempt from the constant verbal abuse I receive from those that are negative and some of those who are positive. In spite of governments across the world trying to fight the whole HIV/AIDS stigma they are may bloggers who have taken it upon themselves to stigmatize people and more so Africans. The question of love is not just about the color of the skin and the placement of the continent. It is about the condition of the heart and ones desire to share the love they have.

It is shameful that those who esteem themselves higher than others are the very people that have shown the content of their character. This is so degrading of humanity. Is this what we have come to as a people?

Zambia alone has over a million people living with HIV, yet in my own country the slogan of freedom has been taken under the abyss of hatred. This is a country that calls itself a Christian nation, yet there is nothing Christian about the behavior of most of the people in my nation.

“Stand and sing of Zambia proud and free, land of work and joy in unity” yet so powerful a sentence but we have to been patriotic enough to embrace the Anthem that so identified us as a nation. People are still fearful of coming out in the open, some are even dying, and others take the secret to the grave for fear of being branded. I have heard Christians laugh at those who are sick. How can this be so? In a nation where we profess Christ as our Lord and savior. Are we truly representing God in the correct way?

Its time all of us whether atheist, Muslim, Christian or any other religion join together and fight the stigma that haunts us. It us who make the world better. We are the world

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