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Infinity World Changer

Infinity World Changer


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BY Kasanya Chavula

Take 5 minutes of your time and just seat at the shopping mall and look at the teens and young adults passing through. One might wonder where they came from and where they are headed to. This is one of the most knowledge impacted generation but yet are the most lost. It is a time that people are moving so fast to go nowhere.

 With the emergence of fast foods, fast cars, fast internet, fast banking, fast homes, fast girl friends and fast marriages. One would think that we are well defined as a generation. Yet this fast and high speed living is simply a major cause of concern.

From dress codes that are as see through as a mosquito net to the short dresses that are also the size of a belt on would wonder, where are the influencers, where are the role models? It becomes a real issue when we discover that those who we have trusted to be our role models are the very people who are in the forefront encouraging the young ones fulfill their sensual desires, instead of helping mold a solid future for the young ones.

 It has been noted that every human influenced by default 10 people around them, where or not you know it and how to continually address yourself in a particular way will increase the number. So over a period of time the people that have been wit with are a reflection of who you are. At most people try to run away from the responsibility of nurturing another because it comes with heavy consequences and it is highly consumes ones times. One has to make themselves present at all times and one has to let the other see and learn from your strengths, weaknesses and dysfunctions. To the very least one has to see all your limitations and insecurities.

In spite of so many motivation speakers around why are we in a generation that has so many people that have no direction, no ambition and no zeal to attain the God ordained destination that God has planned for them?

One answer could be that the very motivation speakers are even more lost that the people they are trying to lead. If the desire of the motivation speaker is to get money first from you then his priorities’ are messed up. The first and most important priority of the motivation speaker is to see life transformation. The second is to give direction and third is to make you see the limitless possibilities of your life and the end that you can achieve.

At the very most we have too many influencers who are influenced by the hunger for food that the hunger for people. This is why when we look around in this generation we are so undefined and people are all clustered together doing nothing.

This generation ripe for the taking, someone that has the desire to mould people into the path that God wants of them. Never despise yourself or look at how the others are doing, take courage and be the influencer you are born to be.

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