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Infinity World Changer

Infinity World Changer


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By Kalofya Marvin.

I saw a picture of a donkey tied to a garden chair and no one was monitoring it, the funny thing was that the donkey’s despite strength and all the manual labor it is capable of doing it just stood there next to the garden.

This might be funny and in truth it is until you realize that this is actually what people are going through on a daily basis. The illusion of been held back when in actual sense what is holding them back is they thought patterns and perception of the current situation. Like the donkey some people are broken into certain situations that they become trapped in their minds.

The illusion of restraint is sometimes due to some people having faced numerous struggles that at the end of the day that is all they come to see such that even a situation that will require less effort will not be undertaken because they mind of the person is used to struggle that its starts creating obstacles even in situations that are not the case. No truer words will be uttered that these “as a man thinketh so is he.

The illusion of restraint is a trained habit that the brain creates a neuropath such that after months of the struggle the brain then creates a permanent path way.

Learn to train your thoughts to break free of the mental blockage. The great Bob Marley on the Redemption song sang the following “emancipate your selves from mental slavery only our selves can free our minds.”  As we go after our goals we have to remember that WE are set our own limits. And that to break free all we have to do is change our thought pattern. Focus on the positives everyday try and do something that is impossible in your head.

Am reminded of a story were a pet owner bought a snake and put it in the same tank as a rat, in between the confinements he put a glass, the first time he put the snake in the tank it charged straight for the rat and hit into the glass hard, it recovered and when the rat was put into the other half of the tank the snake charged and slammed into the glass. This was done over and over until one day the glass in-between was removed and when the rat was put into the tank with no glass barrier the snake due to the past experiences did not charge at the rat instead it stayed in its mental half afraid of the pain and the now removed glass.

This all tell about how as people we have learnt to imprison ourselves and in this case experience has not worked in our favor in that that past now has beaten and broken us, and many people are going through this like the snake they tried to push and make and failed and every time they tried they power to make it depleted leaving them feeling like failures and at the end of it giving up afraid to try because of the pain, the shame, and the embarrassment felt as a result of having tried and failed.

(To be continued)

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