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By Kasanya Chavula

It has been the norm of the world to define people by age and use it as a limitation of what people can and should do. This is the norm that a young lady in Zambia is fighting so hard against.

When we talk about ambition she epitomizes what a young lady should be. this is none other than,  Fridah Mwaka Kapembwa a 21 year old resident of Ndola with the desire of becoming Africa’s biggest movie star and we at infinity World Changer Limited are proud to honor such a vibrant young lady.

Proving that ages should not be a limit and one should be defined by what they bring to the table, Mwaka is setting standards that no one in this industry is yet to achieve. Having worked on 3 projects not just as actress but this stunning beautiful young lady is slowly shifting to the producers table and the director’s box.

With the series, conman and two movies conman and pairs under her belt in which she acted, Mwaka has also produced and directed movies such as Emily, Does love take, Sisters and an episode of conman.

Should anyone doubt the skill set that she brings to the table just watch the movie and see her on set as she embraces each role, regardless of diversity. She will keep you glued to the Television screen.

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