Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Infinity World Changer

Infinity World Changer


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By Kasanya Chavula

1990 remains the last time Liverpool F.C won the premier league and now the thrill of glory has once again gripped Anfield. The festive period brought about a sense that once again the glory days are retaining to Anfield as they sailed to a seven point lead and unbeaten, sweeping aside teams with fascinating array of football making the old guns want to reconnect with this new crop of players.

What remains to be seen, will this team hold their own or will the blues of Manchester and the whites of Tottenham have a say. Could the attention be focused on Manchester city and Liverpool yet a shocker may be coming in the form of Harry Kanes Tottenham?

What can be said is this is the best and most competitive time that the English league has ever had with any of the three teams, Manchester city, Liverpool, and Tottenham all eyeing the lucrative trophy. It must be said none of the managers have felt this intensity in their previous leagues and all being proven competitive managers, feel the thrill of the English league as the most competitive league in Europe.

Come the end of the season huts of must be given to all the managers for bringing the fight and not letting as in time past the big teams have it easy. This has been the most important time as every soccer fun across the world want to see, is it the time for Liverpool or will they break under the pressure?

It must be said Mo Salah is far from the man the swept teams aside last season, Manchester City are not nearly as good as they were last season while Manchester United are a far cry from the hope that United fans thought would be a real fight towards the trophy. Though under the interim Manager of Ole, they seem to be playing the football that we once were accustomed to but the point difference makes it a hard fight for them to make it in the top four as Chelsea and Arsenal all with good squads are all eyes the fourth Spot. What will be guaranteed is that the fight will go up until the last day of the season.

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