Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Infinity World Changer

Infinity World Changer


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By Kasanya Chavula

One of the biggest deficiencies in the world today is not entirely the lack of leaders but it is the lack of the right leaders. We have seen a high rise from Africa all to America how leadership is the missing ingredient in the world today.

What is the number one thing that separates a good leader from the others? The answer though simple, is very much hard to fathom. Leadership is not entirely the seat that one occupies but it is the ability to motivate people from one place to a correct place, having seen the desired place before the journey began.

The major cry that we are seeing today is that most people occupy seats of influence but they themselves have no influence over their own lives. One major component of leadership is integrity. A leader that fails to exhibit signs of integrity chances are once he/she occupies the seat of influence, their lack of integrity will come forth.

Africa has been a major culprit when it comes to putting people in leadership positions. The major problem has been that people (we) are a visionless people. We do not know where we ought to be but we expect some else to tell us where we ought to be. This in whole has to do with the identity crisis that plagues the world we live in. knowing who you are and what you can achieve is the real power to rise up against the injustice that we see. The failure to see the future and plan ahead, the failure to protect, the failure to love, the failure to embrace other peoples short comings, the failure to right a wrong, these are all a few of the injustices that plague the world we live in.

Unless the world can see beyond the imaginary lines that were drawn, we shall remain captive by the shallow standards that  we have set, unless we see that we are all cut from the same cloth, the blood  we all carry is red, the colour of love will never flow from out of us.

Leaders are not made when they occupy the seat of power, leaders are made before they aspire for the seat of power then and only then can we identify the motives of what they carry. It is time that the injustices that plagues us in the past end, it is time that we see each other under the new world order of love, faith and hope but the greatest of these is love. Hence be the leader of change confront those that do wrong, don’t just look or gaze but feed the hungry, open your arms for those that need you, for in doing good some have entertained angels. Look out your window and see what you can do.

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