Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

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Infinity World Changer


Solutions Not Answers

 by Kalofya Marvin


I was talking to a girl and after a while I asked her what the problem was she said she had no money to which I said you working so how do you have money issues, of course the cliché answer was that it was not enough and I of course I did agree with because the current economy is not very friendly.

I went on to ask her what plans she had put in place to mitigate her current situation to which she replied “am going to ask for money from you a K100 or K50.”

I was taken aback by her answer because to solve her money issue she was going to ask me to provide.

I replied “dear I don’t want you to answer the question I need you give a solution to you problem.”

The problem with most people now is that they don’t know the difference between giving an answer and actually providing a solution to a question in the instance with the girl she gave me an answer which was a temporarily solution to the problem she was facing because even if I was to give her the money it was not going to be enough to cover her problem as seeking money is not a one day job.

When providing an answer first learn to look at the current situation and grade it or categories as permanent or temporarily, this way you will have a clear view of what you need to   give either an answer or a solution.

Give a man fish and he will comeback to ask for more, teach a man how to fish and you will have feed him for a life time! This is what happens when a person provides an answer to a question that needs a solution they might feel like they have solved the problem at that time but a few days later the same problem is going to manifest its self and answer was given and not a solution. But if a solution is given it is going to be like teaching a man how to fish he will not come back to ask for fish because you have found a permanent solution to his permanent problem.

Most of the problems never seem to go away because we as a people are busy giving answers to questions that need solutions. In your life you going to have to start by knowing what top priority is, learn to understand the current situation, and what it needs you to do.

We tend to give answers to problems instead of solutions because sometimes we are just too scared to dive deep into the problems, because we know if we really try to find a solution it’s going to take a lot more than just a surface answer, we realize it will mean we have to sacrifice and actually go through pain, and to serve ourselves from the pain we take the easy way out………….. We provide answer.

Remember stars are not afraid of the dark nor do they run away from the darkness.