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Infinity World Changer

Infinity World Changer


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By Kasanya Chavula

A lot of people walk through life with their heads bent down, this I mean figuratively. They are an element in them that is missing and they fail to contain with life as they do not know how to face the very path that God has laid down for them

 In the integral part of them they have a missing element that was placed in them starting from the day Adam and Eve sinned. When God came through the garden and asked of Adam what happened he blamed Eve with such simplicity. Yet it was he who said this is now bone of my bone and he named her woman. Where did the desire to protect her go? How was it that the fellowship between the two disappeared within an instance?

In the garden God instituted fellowship not just between man and woman but between the couple and God. This the way thing were to be and the fellowship was form the bond that would grow all the more.

However the fellowship came with a command and condition. In the day you eat of it you will surely die. Adam knew only one form of fellowship and that was the fellowship of love but when he sinned, lust came in and the bond of love was broken.

Adam did not know what to do as the lust of the flesh came in and now he covered himself with religion and it was then than religion was born. He thought that by covering himself with leaves he would cover the desire of lust but instead he was fearful and ran away to hide.

In all this God knew what Adam had done but all God wanted was for Adam to confess his sin before God but instead he  shifted blame from him to God by saying it’s not my fault rather God it’s your fault because of the woman you gave me that is why I am in this mess. It was in that case that after Eve did the same thing by blaming the serpent God placed a curse not on man but on the earth and instituted a law that would be fulfilled when Jesus Christ came and defeated the devil making a public spectacle of him.

Today is still amazing how we the people that have the access to go before God still blame the devil and give him so much authority that God had already taken away. Jesus said all authority has been given to me but we move around as though Jesus did nothing. We have even gone to the extent of rewriting scripture by saying the dead have my blessing when the word says there is no connection between the living and the dead. We still are in a place where we are shifting blame; we do not want to take responsibility of what God has given us. Instead we feel it is too good to be true.

Man has created a form of religion that has made God separate and far away from us, yet God said in with you always. Call unto me and I will answer and show you great and mighty works. He further says I am your father.

 Why still then are we in a place of blaming? Get up from being lazy and do the right thing for God is a God of action, he has done it all.

 The only work that Jesus is doing is interceding on our behalf. When he said it is finished he meant it. It is finished. Blaming is finished, now go into the world and make Disciples of Christ that will spread the culture of Jesus and influence cultures for the cause of Christ.

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