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Infinity World Changer


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BY Kasanya Chavula

In the previous topic we talked about the culture of faith. It is through the same faith that the gifts of God are given to men. As men of the new covenant we stand on the threshold of the greatest time that has been given to mankind. We stand on the premise of the greatest discovery that humanity seeks yet has found it so hard to accomplish.

It may seem as though we are making progress yet all we are doing is drawing ourselves backwards more so in a place of constant betrayal. We are not just betraying other people but ourselves and above all we betray God. We humanity defines lust as love and proudly defends it as the right thing are we not doing so?

In an error when knowledge has been come so rampant and easily accessible yet this is when we have become all the more distant from what knowledge is. Knowledge acquired to boast and build an ego is not knowledge at all. The main ingredient to knowledge is love. Acquiring knowledge is for the benefit of all not just for some. It has become apparent that the Christian have fallen into the same trap of evil lustful desires. We have forgotten that it was in love that we were created; it was in love that we were made in the image of God and it Is in love that we should hold responsible to a accord of love.

The Christian faith is built on the culture of love; it is if I should call it, the only religion that knows what love is.

Love is fellowship, that is why John 3:16 says for God saved the world that He gave his only begotten son that who so ever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. This scripture is the corner stone of the entire Christian faith, yet this is looked upon as just words written to please men because we have turned love into something that God never created.

God is love and if God is love let me ask one question, can you say without a shadow of doubt that as a person you have represented God very well in all that you do? The only thing that we should do is to love and that is the only work that we were commanded to do, love your neighbor as yourself and the first is true of this love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Then it is very much safe to say that the Christian faith is one of the cultures of Love

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