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Infinity World Changer

Infinity World Changer


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By Kasanya Chavula

Hard work coupled with integrity and honesty makes the world a better place this has been the bench mark of many people that live with purpose and vision. Therefore when people follow in a similar path accreditation has to be given. One such person is a young lady born and bred right here in Zambia.

Tryness Ntilima is a 22 year old fitness trainer that has embarked on making people’s lives a healthy and happy one.  The eldest of three she is hard working. She does so to ensure that she can be a role model not only to her peers but to those that are older than her. It has been much an excuse of many people to grumble and complain about not having a biological father but Tryness Ntilima endured that to see her dream become a reality. Taking from was made available to her she is the picture of what a young lady should be.

The fact that she grew up with a step-father wasn’t easy, not that the step-father was a bad man, but she wanted to feel the warmth and love of having a biological father. This feeling would not be made easy by her step family as they constantly taunted her with words such as  these as quoted by her “my step family would tell me to my face, I don’t belong in the house because am not his real father”. This how ever did not deter her from setting goals and having an ambition that would see her, not follow the constant norm of the crowed. Taking an example from Joseph who was also ridiculed by the family she too was torn apart by the words of her mother. This however did not deter her from pushing forward but instead also fueled her ambition even more such that at 22 she is a fitness trainer and owns her own hair salon.

Humble beginnings are the bench mark of every person that is destined for greatness and Tryness is no stranger to that. She completed her high school in 2016 but even there it wasn’t a walk in the park. She was constantly bullied and as a result of this depression came in but she did not let that stop her from rising to the very top. Among her great achievements, aside from working for a fitness training company, she runs her own fitness program, she runs her own hair salon and she is in pre-med. The program that she has put together is vast and is dependent on the person and the problem that needs working on. This young lady runs by one simple but very powerful motto, “hustle hard to change mind-sets”, “it’s all about the mind-set, and you are what you put your mind to”.

The greatest thing about talking to her is the passion you get when you talk to her. One can literally feel the fire that is within her heart to see people love themselves, “everyday seeing a happy client, change how they feel about their body and also help them love their body and build confidence in who they are is what make me happy”

For more information about fitness you can get in touch with her on +260961512057 and email,

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