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Infinity World Changer

Infinity World Changer


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By Kasanya Chavula

One of the most fundamental teachings of the modern era has been to eliminate God as the creator. We see this in the habits that people are developing, the books people are reading, the movies and music people are listening to and the social and cooperate fraternity, all of which point to man as the supreme being.

The concept of an almighty God is one that society cannot fathom and slowly this ideology is creeping to the church. The church; God made fully equipped to handle every situation by response has instead placed themselves in a place where they actually wait to react. This was never the plan of God from inception. In Genesis we read that God placed man on the earth after creating the world. The work was in place before man came in to being, just as the society was in place before man, all of which man had to manage because he was made like the creator.

Instead because of lack of identity, which man lost, we are as though God has not restored to us, we are still living a life as though God still needs to send Jesus all over again and die over and over. So what is the core of humanity? Why is man still having an identity crisis?

The fact that God says when we accept Jesus as Lord and savior we become like God; we are sons of God, which we grow into maturity on a daily basis. The concept of maturity is a far-fetched idea that man can’t comprehend because sin has so gripped us that everything that is wrong has become normal. And on a daily basis people keep adding on making the previous things look petty.

With each day that passes on man wants to solve things on their on without going back to the creator because we feel we are the epitome of what creation should be. We have the come to a place like I have earlier written, a place where we have replaced God in our daily lives. The core of humanity without God is drawn to endless evil and no matter what we do society is without Identity when we remove God from the picture.

In the beginning God created us with an identity, HE created us in his image this is the greatest Identity ever bestowed upon any being that God had created and the devil knew that that was why HE went after man’s identity. If things are to be great once again man has to re-align his identity and know what his identity is.

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