Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Infinity World Changer

Infinity World Changer


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In a generation that is so antiquated with appearance one may wonder what this generation will bring to the table. From the wars of insanity to the foolishness of people exposing themselves one would think that stupidity would end but just as soon as one posts one foolish thing another person shows that they too can be more stupid.

It may seem that I am using strong language which to say is against journalism ethics but in this case my desire is not about the ethics of writing but about the life of the generation being lost to the vision-less society that so gets easily entangled in the desires that darken their future.

Was the purpose of social media to cause wars, spread porn, and human trafficking? Yes the law defenders do their best to try and mitigate the situation but how long can this go on? How can the world and society become so lawless and the conscience so seared? How is that we look to the wrong more that we look to the right? Has justice long been forgotten that it becomes so inevitable for society to do as they please?

If man is a law unto himself then what has happened to the law? Social media is intended for social purposes not as a place to expose the stupidity of showing the emptiness that is in people’s heads. It’s time that we look to one that is of more importance, one who can fill the empty void that is within us and forge ahead. The future is in our hands and we are the next generation that will make this happen.

In my book greatness winning the fight against all odds you will attest to the fight that I fought  as a result of wrong decisions and now gaining the respect and trust of society is not as easy as we make it out to be. Purchase the book at

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